Weekend Events & Activities

FRIDAY, JUNE 19 – Rehearsal Dinner | Welcome Party for Out-of-Town Guests | After Party for All

Rehearsal Dinner/Welcome Party: For those going to the rehearsal dinner or welcome party, you can find event details here.

After Party: After the rehearsal dinner and welcome party for out-of-town guests, we invite everyone to join us for drinks at Market House on the Square.

9:00 pm | Market House on the Square | 655 Forest Avenue, Lake Forest

SATURDAY, JUNE 20 – Tennis Drill | Ceremony | Reception | After Party

Tennis Drill: There will be a tennis drill at 9:30 am for anyone interested. If you would like to participate please email Lucy by Thursday, June 18. Tennis whites are required.

Ceremony/Reception: For ceremony and reception information please see the ceremony and reception page on the website.

After Party: There will be an afterparty at a suite at the Residence Inn after the reception. Details will be provided on Friday evening.

SUNDAY, JUNE 21 – Brunch

Brunch: The sendoff brunch for out-of-town guests will be at the Soderbergs’ house from 10:30 am – 1:30 pm.

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